Fidelity First Realty is proud to announce the launch of its GIFT CERTIFICATE at closing program. Fidelity First Realty will provide you with up to a $1,000.00* Gift Certificate at the close of your home purchase transaction when you use the Realtor services provided by Fidelity First Realty. Fidelity First Realty knows about all the expenses involved with buying a home and is going to show you their appreciation for choosing to use our services. Fidelity First Realty is allowing you to choose where you want your gift certificate from.  
*Gift certificate of $1,000.00 is with a purchase price of $300,000 and above.
*Gift certificate of $500.00 will be given to all buyers with a purchase price of $100,000-$299,999.00
* You are required register online and provide a valid name, address, phone number and e-mail address to be eligible to receive a gift certificate. Only one Gift certificate per customer per transaction.Gift certificate will be given 3 business days after property is recorded and final closing statement is issued.
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